Envirothon is an environmental competition to challenge county school students in aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife, and current environmental issues. Do you know the characteristics of a hydric soil? Could you identify the Spotted Lanternfly? Do you know what macroinvertebrates and amphibians are typical of a 1st order waterway? These are some of the things you need to know about the natural environment to succeed in the Envirothon.

Indiana County Envirothon Logo - Depicts pine trees, a deer and stream. 2021 Envirothon Winners from United - Grade 8.2021 Senior Envirothon Winners - Homeschoolers.2022 Senior Envirothon Winners - Homeschoolers for Christ.

Junior Envirothon

Students in 7th and 8th grade receive hands-on instruction from natural resource professionals including aquatic biologists, foresters, soil scientists, wildlife specialists and environmental technicians from county, state and federal agencies, as well as other environmental organizations. Hands-on and field activities reinforce the lessons presented. Students learn how every aspect of our environment is interconnected and then work as a team to showcase what they’ve learned through follow up tests.

Senior Envirothon

Students in grades 9 through 12 study and train for tests on their knowledge of environmental and natural resource issues and are asked to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship between people and the environment. As teams rotate through each of the five testing stations, they experience a variety of testing formats including identification of wildlife, fish, macroinvertebrates, trees, soil textures and soil horizons, as well as written questions. Envirothon emphasizes the importance of environmental sensitivity while stressing a need to achieve a social, ecological and economic balance in life. Envirothon provides future generations with the ability to be better equipped to address the complex natural resource concerns facing today's world as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

Members of the winning Senior Envirothon team receive a $500 grant to help defray post secondary education expenses. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our David S. Frick Envirothon Education Grant Fund.

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